Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Picture of our House

This is just another picture of our house! The house is completely dry-walled and some of it is mudded and taped. They started the outside process (not sure what the correct terms are for it) just before the stucco and rock. It is going up so much faster than I thought! I drive by the house everyday and get more and more excited! I know it's not much to look at right now but it's progress....and that makes me happy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Preview

So tonight we took Trevin over to see my Grandparents in his Halloween costume because I work the next three nights and then we are heading back to Nephi. They wanted to see him in his costume before we left. My grandma made us a pizza, salad, and then we had pumpkin pie for dessert. Trevin loved playing with their dog Molly! I was shocked because she hates most people and will bite! He played ball with her and they wore each other out. Trevin got so hyper and I think my Grandpa was about ready to have a heart attack. Funny stories to tell! I almost peed my pants at one point during the night. I guess when you get old your memory/brain function decreases a little bit. I love my grandparents very much and it was so much fun spending the night with them. I haven't gotten the chance to visit with them like that in probably three or four years. Colby got my Grandma's computer fixed and running and he also got to watch some sports with my Grandpa. I visited with my Grandma and we chased Trevin around the house. I will cherish these moments forever.

He Loves the Bath...and Mickey!

Have I ever mentioned how my son LOVES getting into the bath. I think maybe I have a time or two....let me remind you again! He knows exactly where the tub is in our house. Whenever I even mention the word bath he runs to the bathroom door and throws a fit until I open the door and let him in.

His favorite thing to do is line up all the Disney characters (Minnie not included in the photo) on the shelf in the tub. He lines them all up and then throws them into the bath and loves the splash.
He loves Mickey and Pluto the best! My little guy could spend hours and hours in the bath tub! Hilary is going to have to teach him how to swim sooner than she thinks! He is a little water boy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

And I thought my life was tough at times....

but after reading this article
my life will probably never be the same! (You will have to copy and paste the link into your browser) I really love what Stephanie said on one of her blog posts:

We pondered over the weekend what pulls our time. Work, yoga, airplanes, travel, blogging, and school. It was another vivid reminder that what matters most is what is none of the above, but rather what abides with us in our humble home.
Our Marriage + Our Children = Treasure.
Claire, Jane Bronwyn, Oliver and of course our little critter the gigs Nicholas.
Our marriage matters most, and our church activity.
With the right perspective, life is actually very wonderful. Really it is.
I saw a funny bumper sticker yesterday on a beat-up jalopy. It read:
"Don't be fooled by my car, my treasure is really in heaven."
Is my treasure in heaven? I believe it is, and I believe my home is heaven on earth.

I have been reading about Stephanie & Christian for many, many weeks and I seem to get emotional every time I read an article about them, see a video clip, or look at pictures of Stephanie & her family. I have donated money to help them out and after reading things like that article, how can you not?

I have often been upset with my son because he wakes up during the night, climbs all over my furniture, or throws little temper tantrums but from now on I am going to try to be better about enjoying every minute with him and Colby. I do not know Stephanie personally but I can feel in my heart that she is a wonderful woman. Her life with her children may never be the same again...but I can only hope and pray that things will work out for the best!

She has inspired me to be a better mom, be a better member of the church, and to enjoy life like it's my heaven on earth. I was not able to attend church today due to a sick little boy with a high fever (who is probably just teething but I didn't want to take a chance of getting other kids sick) but I enjoyed watching cartoons with him, seeing my grandparents, seeing my brother & sister-in-law, and watching a movie with Colby. Today I looked at the "little things" in life and was inspired after writing them in my journal. How about you?

Monday, October 20, 2008


We spent Sunday afternoon up at my grandparents home in Springville. It's just off Hobble Creek Golf Course and the view was amazing! As we were driving up the canyon I realized how much I miss the big mountains in northern Utah. I love the fall season with all the leaves changing! I was excited to go and see all of my cousins and especially my grandparents. My grandpa has been having some health problems and so it was good to visit him and see how he was doing. My grandma and grandpa also have a house in St. George and so they will be coming down here this week to spend the winter. I am excited to be able to hopefully see them a little more often and visit with them more frequently than we normally do.
These next two pictures are of Trevin and Hilary with my cousin Colby. He has always been such a wonderful cousin and someone that we have always got along with. Trevin kept reaching to him and it was so cute!

This picture was on our way home....It's a little out of order but I don't want to take the time to fix it! As you can see, we were all wore out!

My Grandpa Don and Grandma Colene (Giacomo). These are my mom's parents. I was so happy I was able to get a picture with them and our little family. It has been a while since they saw Trevin.
All of us together...
I am working on a project called "A Day in the Life" which is why I have posted so many pictures. You can see the project details by going to Ali Edwards' blog. Her blog link is on the side if you are interested.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Weekend so far...

Today we went over to the Petersons (my dad's cousin) and Trevin jumped on their trampoline. The day care lady told Colby that he loves the tramp and she can't believe at his age that he stays on their for so long. He seemed to enjoy it a lot!
He also enjoys feeding Roscoe his food and....
getting on the Harley with Grandpa!

I somehow forgot ALL my makeup in St. George and had to use Hilary's on our way up to the movie. We were all running a little late and were not really sure what the plan was.

My cute parents... My dad kept saying he felt like the President of the United States because I take so many pictures everywhere we go! Someday maybe he will understand...

This weekend I have been hangin out with just my family. Colby is hunting with all his brothers and so I have been with my family. It felt a little weird at first because it was like we were back to old times. Just us....Hilary said she felt really bad and felt like something was missing without Colby with us. Diane watched Trevin on Friday afternoon while we went to a movie and out to dinner. It was so fun to be together as our little family again. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen and watched the movie "Forever Strong."

Better Late Than Never

These pictures were all taken over Conference weekend. I didn't have them on my camera so I wasn't able to post them before. We had the opportunity to go to the Saturday afternoon session of Conference. After conference the girls went shopping and the boys waited to go to the Priesthood session with my Grandpa Hitchcock. After the priesthood session we went out to dinner at Wingers in Spanish Fork. It was fun to be together as a family....and of course my dad made us Saturday morning breakfast as usual.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

WOW! I am Impressed!

They poured the slab of concrete on Monday and Colby told me they would have the house framed by the end of the week! I told him that was impossible, but I was sure wrong! When we drove past the house tonight....this is what we found. I can't believe the entire house was framed in TWO DAYS! I am so excited I can't even stand it! It is a four bedroom, two bath, 1800 Square foot home with everything we wanted. We were not able to find any houses in St. George with basements and very few contractors that even build homes with basements anymore. It was interesting to find that out but this house will be PERFECT for us for the few years that we will be living down here. I will post more pictures as the house gets further along so I hope you don't mind!

It's a Start...

So I was just getting ready for work yesterday when Colby called me and told me they had framed some of our house! I know it's not much to look at but I wanted him to take a picture so we can look back and see the process. They got so much done yesterday and I was so excited when he showed me the picture! I can't wait to drive past in about an hour when I am on my way to work AGAIN and see what else they accomplished on it today! I am getting so excited! I am also excited because after I get off work in the morning we are on our way to NEPHI! I can't wait to see my family and the Parks.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Conversation to Remember

Trevin had been walking around the house all day saying "Coby" "Dad" "Coby" and I was feeling a little left out. He hardly ever says "Mom." I had been scrapbooking and showed him a picture of Colby and Me and of course when asked where mom was....he didn't point to anything. But when asked where dad was....Ya, he pointed right to Colby. I couldn't believe it! Then, we were sitting at the dinner table with Trevin in his high chair sitting beside us. He was being a blabber mouth. This is how our conversation went:
Natalie (looking at Trevin): Do you love mom?
Trevin: No answer
Colby: I got this one Nat. Trevin do you love dad?
Trevin: Ya
Colby: Do you love mom?
Trevin: Ya
Natalie: (Silent)

I hope maybe one of these days he will start recognizing me a little more and realize how much I truely love him! He brings such joy into our life! I just keep telling myself that he knows me and loves me!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I totally LOVE care-free days like today!

We just got back from church and I love Sunday afternoons. This is our time to be together as a family and to relax. Trevin just went into take a nap and so Colby and I took some fun pictures. I found an idea from my scrapbook magazines to take random pictures of you and your husband and to scrapbook them. I love spending time with Colby! I have the best husband in the world. He is such a good father! He takes such good care of Trevin and always allows me some time for myself. As everyone knows, he is a goof ball but I love that most about him! He is always making me laugh and doing fun things to surprise me. I love our little family and I love Sundays!

Colby never wants to take pictures or have his picture taken so when he is in the mood, I take advantage of it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Great Eight

8 T.V. shows I watch:
Biggest Loser
Good Things Utah
Friday Night Lights
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
(That's about it, I don't watch a lot of T.V.)

8 favorite restaurants:
Costa Vida
California Pizza Kitchen
Texas Roadhouse
Olive Garden
TGI Friday's

8 things that happened yesterday:
This is nothing special...
Slept until about 3:00 p.m. (Had to work the night before)
Got ready for work
Ate breakfast (I know it sounds retarded but that was my breakfast time)
Went to work at 6:00 p.m.
Had a patient take a swing at me (drugs can make you a little funny sometimes)
Ate Dinner
Came home
Checked on Trevin and went to Bed

8 things that I'm looking forward to:
Going home and getting some sleep (Notice I am posting this at like 1:00 am)
Being able to spend time with my husband and little boy
Making a special dinner for Colby tomorrow night
Watching a movie with Colby and eating Ice Cream
Going to Church on Sunday
Seeing my house completed
Getting Family Pictures Taken

8 things on my wish list:
A desk for my scrapbook room
Some new Barstools for my new house
A HUGE family picture
New Shoes
A cute watch
New Dresser
Entertainment center for our Room

8 people I'm tagging:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So today was one of those days that I was home all by myself. Colby went to school and Trevin went to the day care. We have decided that although I will be home some Tuesdays & Thursdays to watch Trevin we still wanted to take him to the day care to give him some time with other kids and allow me to get some things done around the house. So I got up and did all my motherly chores and then decided it was a PJ kinda day. Yup. I brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, did chores, and then.....Scrapbooked! I cannot even begin to tell you the last time I got to do something like this! With moving and getting settled I have not had any time at all to do any scrapbooking. The cards were made all from scraps that I had. I normally don't make a lot of cards (I leave that one up to Tana) but I decided to give it a shot.
I found these two pictures in my jewelry box (because my son found them on the table when Hilary brought them over and that was where they got stuck so he couldn't get to them) and so I decided to scrapbook them today. This first one is not something I would normally do but I saw one like it and decided to try something new! Do you like it?
When I was a nurse at CVMC I had a patient who's wife worked for a scrapbooking magazine. We got talking and she asked me for my home address so she could sent me free stuff. I was a little hesitant because we are not allowed to accept gifts but after talking to my director he said it would be fine as long as she isn't the one paying for the stuff (she gets tons of free stuff and a lot of it was duplicates). To my surprise, she has actually sent me two packages loaded with scrapbooking stuff and she also sends me a Free subscription to Scrapbook Trends Magazine (the company she works for). The supplies used in these last two photos were all free stuff she gave me. I have tons more and I am excited to start scrapbooking again!