Friday, September 21, 2007

What a Relief

I should have posted something yesterday but, I didn't have any time at all! I was too busy packing for Green Bay and watching Colby's softball games last night. Anyway, I am proud to say, very proud to say, that after much studying and stress...I am officially a Registered Nurse! What a Relief it was to hear the voice on the other end of the phone say "Congratulations!" I paid $9.95 to get my results early and I only listened to the operator say "Congratulations" and then I hung up! I waited all night and paid extra money and I was so excited I didn't even wait to hear what else she had to say. Then I wondered if I really had I went online and paid an additional $7.95 to see "Pass" under my name. I guess I had failed before and so it was just too good to be true! As my reward, as my husband promised, I get to finish a room in our house downstairs for my scrapbook stuff. I get my own scrapbook room and after waiting 9 months...I actually get to start scrapbooking again! It has been extremely hard to not scrapbook!
After flying to Denver, then to Milwaukee, missing two exits that we should've taken, and two separate detours due to construction, we finally made it safe and sound in Green Bay. Although we are coming so Colby can watch the Packers I am excited to just be able to relax this weekend without the extra stress of studying for my boards. I am missing my son but, Grandpa Craig put him on the phone when I called and he made some little sounds. I appreciate them taking time to tend and allow us to just get away for a few days!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I need some Help....Anyone?

As you can tell I am very new at this! Colby is at work and I am trying to do this by myself so he thinks I am sort of good at computers. Anyway, I need help adding people to my list and also I wanted to do something cute for our title, Like Amanda did with hers but I don't know how to do that...Can someone just briefly tell me! Thanks!

Here We Go... my Dad's request, I guess we will be "bloggers" now. I think it is a great idea, I just need to get used to the idea. I am way into scrapbooking and so I think this will be a great thing to learn and something that everyone can see. Maybe Colby will realize that I do have a little "Computer Nerd" in me. Anyway, this is my first posting and so I will fill everyone in...We have a wonderful son named Trevin who is now 11 weeks old and at his last visit was ten pounds! He is such a joy! It has been a life changing experience but it is such a wonderful thing to be a mom! Today, I have been cleaning my house, doing laundry, and trying to get everything ready for our BIG TRIP this weekend! If some of you don't already know, my husband is a MAJOR Green Bay Packers fan and so we will be traveling to Green Bay this weekend to watch a football game and go on a little vacation. We have our Packers shirts ready (Including an outfit for our son to wear while we are away) and we are excited to leave soon. Grandma and Grandpa Hitchcock (Craig and Merry) will be taking care of our son most of the weekend with help from Colby's parents and his Grandma Park. I am a little sad to leave him for four days, but I guess it will be good to have a little break and some relaxing. In all reality, he is a very good boy and sleeps most of the night. I guess I should go finish my laundry, I have to go to BUNCOS in about two hours! Something that I enjoy doing with some of my girlfriends here in Nephi. See ya!