Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day.....

Was a blast! We were gone out of town all weekend. Colby took me to see Colbie Calliat in concert in Salt Lake. It was in a club, so that was an experience. There were so many crazy people from all walks of life! It was a great concert, but we had to stand the whole time. Of course I wore huge black boots and so after standing for three hours, my feet were killing me. He bought me flowers and also let me go on a shopping spree. What a great husband I have.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My First Haircut

Trevin got his first haircut the other night by his Aunt Chelsea. He sat pretty still for most of it but there were times we had to hold his face. What a chubby boy! He looks so handsome! If you look in the background of the pictures, you can see that my kitchen is a mess. I was scrapbooking and had everything out on the counters. Colby was amazed that I could make such a mess. I got it cleaned up and then we were able to actually eat dinner in our kitchen.

SnOw TiMe

I can't believe how much snow has fallen the last week or so. I took Trevin outside to see how he would react to the snow...He was playing in it and having fun until he got his face all covered in snow. He didn't really like the cold on his face! I love the look of snow but I hate to drive in it. I didn't get to go snowboarding last year because I was pregnant so hopefully this year we will find some time soon to go.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ten Things you Might not Know About Me...

I was reading Sam's Blog and I guess I am tagged now. Here are ten things you might not know about me...
1. I really have a thing about keeping my house clean. If I know people are coming over and my house isn't clean, I always just cram stuff into my room or places where people won't find it. I hate it when my house is a mess. I get up every morning and clean the same things everyday.
2. I am a nurse at the Hospital here in Nephi. I don't specialize in one area because the hospital is so small. I love my Job and even after all the heartache it took me to pass, I wouldn't change my job for anything. I love being a nurse and taking care of people everyday!
3. Although I am a nurse and give shots and start IV's regularly, I am terrified of needles. I hate getting shots or even the thought of it. I had to have my dad give me my epidural when I was pregnant because I didn't trust anyone else and I didn't want to have a needle in my back to begin with. When I was little I would pass out but as I have gotten older I am not as bad!
4. I am a huge scrapbook fanatic! I would spend all my extra money on scrapbook stuff if I had the time to do it. My husband is in the process of finishing a room for me and I can't wait!
5. I am born on groundhogs day!
6. I hate falling asleep alone. I have to have my husband in bed with me before I can get to sleep. Colby sometimes will watch TV for a while on the couch and I can never fall asleep without him. I don't know why!
7. I wish I made dinner more for my husband. I live a busy life and I need to do better about making dinner. I used to be so good when we were first married but now that I have a little son, things are a little more complicated.
8. I love to snowboard. I didn't get to go last year since I was pregnant so hopefully this year we will get to go.
9. I want to take a photography class someday. I wish I took better pictures although I am always flashing pictures. I hope to do photography on the side someday just for fun!
10. I love my husband dearly! Oh...and Trevin too!
If you are reading this....you are now tagged!