Monday, January 28, 2008

What a Blessing Family Is

I know I have been posting a lot of things today but I have not had any time to get updated. These are just some pictures of Trevin recently. He has been sick the past couple of days. While I was taking these pictures I didn't realize he had a runny nose until I took a minute to look at him close. I know...I take pictures of everything but I don't want to miss one minute of his life. He has been crawling for about three weeks now and what an exciting time that is...and yet a frustrating time as well. I was so excited to see him crawl but now if we take our eyes off him for one second he is getting into things he shouldn't. We love him so much and are grateful to have him in our life. What a blessing family is!

First Bath..Real Bath

This was Trevin's first real bath. He loved it! He was splashing and crawling around in the tub. I thought for sure he would fall over and hurt himself or get mad but he did really well. He enjoyed playing with his ducks and the bubbles. He is getting so big!

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Not every Saturday but many, my dad makes us homemade breakfast complete with sourdough pancakes, cinnamon syrup, bacon, eggs, ham, and whatever else he can think of that week. He is quite the chef. Last time we had breakfast the power decided to go out...Instead of canceling or even eating cold cereal, he decided to get out the camper stove and his emergency stove and make breakfast. What a treat it is to be able to spend time as a family. Although we don't get together every Saturday, it has started to be quite the tradition. Don't mind how awesome we all look. At the end of the morning, Grandpa fed Trevin and they had a little nap together!

All the Fun

We feel so blessed this Year to have everything we need and more. These are some pictures of Christmas. I got the greatest gift ever...Colby gave me a new Cannon Rebel Camera and I can't stop taking pictures. I think I drive my family crazy taking so many random pictures but I am still learning how to work the camera. I have never taken a photography class or anything close so I am teaching myself. I love to scrapbook and I hope to one day take a class and do photography on the side.

Trevin got a bouncer that he loves! I wish I knew how to download videos but I am also still learning how to blog so pictures will have to do for now.

Colby got tools: table saw, miter saw, a table saw stand, and lots of other little things. He built our entertainment center and is currently in the process of finishing a room downstairs that will soon be my very own scrapbook room. My birthday is this Saturday and I hope it will be done then. I can't wait!

Christmas Time

is long gone but I had to post a picture of our Christmas tree. My sister in law, Tana and I managed to spend a lot of money at Tai Pan Trading one weekend. We had a blast but we spent a lot more than we were planning on. We bought Christmas decorations and lots of other stuff. I love Christmas time and I can't believe it is over!