Monday, March 31, 2008

I Give Up

So today Trevin will NOT take a nap. He usually naps around one or two and usually has a small nap in the morning. Well, not today! He has decided he is going to stay awake all day. I have tried to entertain him with everything possible. He got the Sesame Street Car Garage for Christmas but I have not had time to put it together for him so today was the day. I put the car garage together for him and not two seconds later he had torn it all apart. Don't ask me how he did it but this boy accomplished it! He was more interested in teething on the parts. What a silly boy!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I was reading a random persons blog the other day and they had listed 101 things in 1001. She had set 101 goals that she wanted to complete in 1001 days. I thought that was an awesome idea. Last night was sort of a rough night for me at work. It made me think about a lot of things and refocus. I have always thought about things that I want to accomplish in my life and I never really sit down and take the time to complete them. I think her idea of the 101 things was an excellent start for me. I hope I can get more things accomplished in my life and refocus how I want to live my life.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So my sister-in-law Alyse, her little sister just had a baby. She asked me to take some pictures of her. Lets be honest, I am no photographer, nor have I ever taken any classes! I was a little nervous. This sweet little baby is RowdieLynn and she is about 8 weeks old. She is so cute! I tried my best and these are just a few of the pictures. I enjoy taking pictures for fun and hopefully someday it will be more than just that!

Monday, March 24, 2008

So Much Fun

We had so much fun on Easter. We went to church and then went over to my parents house for a wonderful dinner my mom (Merry) prepared. My dad barely made it in time for dinner only to get called back into work about 45 minutes later. We didn't get to spend a lot of time with him other than to eat dinner together and say Hi. Hilary wanted to take a picture with Trevin and he just leaned his head right over so he was close! So Cute! After we ate dinner at the Hitchcock's, we went on an easter egg hunt at the Park House. We had a fun time looking for eggs and then playing games. By the end of the day I think we had three easter baskets full of candy and other things! Enough to last us a long time.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Time

Trevin Playing in the Dirt
Trevin and Colby Rolling Eggs
Trevin and Aunt Tana
Trevin's First Easter Egg to Roll Down the Hill
Our Beautifully Decorated Eggs
Our Family
First Time Rolling an Easter Egg down "The Hill"

We went out west Today to go hang out with the Park Family. It is a tradition to color eggs and to roll them down a hill. I never knew people did this until I started dating Colby. It sounded a little different when I first heard about it but now it has something we have been doing even when we were dating. I was so excited to color eggs for Trevin, but after one roll down the hill, he was more interested in the dirt! We had a lot of fun!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Being A Nurse

Sometimes being a nurse is not always the most exciting thing in the world. I have seen it all from terrible accidents to things I wish I didn't have to see. I love my job and I would not change it for anything, but it does have its ups and downs. As you can see, I am posting late at night....Yes I am working! I hate night shift more than anything and I can't wait until I can get working day shift. I keep getting told time after time that next month I will be on day shift but once again, next months schedule is out and I am still on nights! I guess thats enough of my soap box.
Being a nurse also causes me to think about things more than I need to sometimes. My husband will tell you how bad I hate driving in the snow because of past experiences from being in the ER. He will also tell you that I over diagnose a runny nose or a little pain. Well, I started to have a very high heart rate about two weeks ago and I thought it would go away. It kept getting higher and higher until I was around 150-160 beats per minute. I decided to go to work anyway and sure enough, I got hooked up to the cardiac monitor in the ER and it was not two seconds later a doctor was into evaluate me. To make a long story short after an EKG and Labs, I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and had to go see a specialist at the University of Utah. I also have to have a nuclear medicine test done on Monday and Tuesday in Payson. I know you are all thinking "You have What?" But I was just as in shock as anyone else! Now I am sitting here looking up everything there is to know about my problems. I guess I should have went in earlier but I thought I would feel better. Sometimes life changes so fast! I just hope this is all this will be! At least I was not in a car accident or anything terrible happened to my loved ones! What a blessing!

Monday, March 17, 2008

So Flexible....

I know I have already posted something today, but after looking at Sam and Riley's Blog I figured I would let them know its normal. I guess Trevin still has his shoes on but he also enjoys eating and playing with his feet. He really, really likes Ice Cream too! His Uncle Carson kept giving him samples of his shake. He would scream when he stopped giving him some. Trevin had everyone laughing.

Sunny Mesquite

We went to Mesquite this weekend to watch Landon and my brother in law play baseball. It was so hot and sunny! I was a little bit sad to come home to cold weather! It was Trevin's first road trip and he was so good in the car. He slept most of the way and hardly ever made a sound. I was so excited to get him in the pool but it was cold water. Bummer! I guess we will have to wait until we go to Bear Lake this summer! Oh...and I am not sure but I think Hilary is going to kill me for posting a picture of her! Oh well...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brown Eyed Boy

I am not sure where Trevin gets his brown eyes. Colby has hazel eyes and I have blue eyes. When he was born I kept telling people his eyes were going to be blue, but that is not the case. He has brown eyes for sure (at least for right now). He is getting bigger everyday. Standing and crawling up the stairs are some of his new accomplishments. I have to keep an eye on him every second! I kind of liked it when he was just small and would sit quiet, but it has been fun to see him grow up and learn new things.