Sunday, November 25, 2007

Family Pictures

We Just recently took some family pictures. As you know, Colby is a huge Green Bay Packers fan and so I wanted to get a family picture of all of us in the official apparel for his office. I have to admit, I guess I am a fan now since they are doing so awesome!
I am so thankful for our small family and for the love our son brings into our lives everyday! My favorite times are when we spend time together and making Trevin laugh. I love to see him smile when you walk into his room each morning and he sees you poking your head over his crib. He just grins and sort of laughs (if thats what you call a four month old baby's sounds). I can't believe how much he is growing but being a mom is the #1 blessing in my life this year! I love seeing Colby play with him and to watch Trevin's Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents be with him too! What a blessing family is in my life!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


One Night when I was working at the hospital, I was sitting at the nurses station and someone had printed a picture similar to this one off the internet. I thought it would be fun to do and so here are the results. If you notice Trevin's Left leg is slightly reddish purple...I didn't realize the hole was not exactly big enough and so I was cutting off his circulation. No wonder he didn't smile. So after Hilary and I struggled to get him out of the pumpkin I cut the hole bigger and took some other ones. He finally smiled for me. I think my neighbors are going to turn me in for child abuse since it was so cold but it was so much fun and I think the pictures turned out cute!
This picture is the one I took after I cut the holes bigger. This is in our backyard...The other ones are at Colby's parents house. I really liked the red background!
Trevin was a penguin for Halloween! It was so much fun dressing him up and going up to his grandparents house to show him off.

I had to work on Halloween so I didn't get to take him around to too many places but Colby took him around and showed him off! I had to hurry and get some pictures in before I went to work. He is growing up so fast but he is so much fun to have around and to love! I couldn't have asked for a better son! He sleeps through the night and lets us sleep in even! He doesn't cry very much, only when he is hungry, and he is smiling more and more everyday! We love him so much!

Much to Say...

I have been really busy lately and have not had a chance to update our blog. This first picture was from Trevin's baby blessing. Grandpa Craig was holding him and he just smiled as I took the picture. I just had to post it! He is now almost two months older but that shows you how far behind I am!
This next set of pictures is from our wonderful Green Bay Trip! Although I was a little nervous about going, it was worth my time by far! I was so surprised how involved the town is when the Packers play! The whole town shuts down and everyone goes crazy! Here we are decked out in our Packers outfits at the game! It was so fun! Colby is a true Packers fan even when they are down and it was fun to go and see how excited he got when they won! He has a room in our house dedicated to the Packers! What a True Fan!

We have been working on my scrapbook room! I am so pumped! It is coming slower than I thought but at the same time, I am just grateful it is coming! We cleaned out our basement yesterday. It was quite the challenge hanging out with the spiders and dust. I am glad its over with! We took a lot of stuff to the dump and it looks so much better now that it is all clean! It was not fun but I am glad it's done!