Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zion's National Park

Yesterday we went to Zion's with Braydon's family. We had never before been hiking up there and we decided it would be a fun way to spend Memorial Day as a family. I was a little nervous we were going to be extremely hot so you can see by the look of Colby's backpack, we were prepared!

Colby, Trevin, and Braydon walking to the top of the "Weeping Rock"
(BEWARE....lots of pictures to follow)
When we got to the top there was a deer close by. It was awesome!Trevin loved to play with the rocks and water!
Trevin would get so excited when we would see any type of water! At times it was embarassing! He would scream "Oh, Water!" and everyone would be able to hear him from a mile away! He loves, loves, loves water!
Pretty Picture...
Trevin throwing rocks into the water. Sorry, not the best picture but he would NEVER stop moving!
Braydon, Colby, and Braydon's kids (Rylan, Kyler, and Mikayla). I hope I spelled their names right!
Colby and Me and the end of the trail. This was towards the end of the day. As you can see, it was very hot!
Trevin was wiped out by this point! He was in desperate need of a nap!
Melissa & Braydon
Their little girl Katelyn
and Ryler again...AKA "My Buddy"
We had so much fun spending the day with them. When I say spending the day with them, I mean the entire day! After we visited Zions, we came back to the Nielsen home where we swam in the pool, ate a delicious dinner, and played games! We had a blast like always! It was so much fun to get out and do something we have never done before. Not to mention the scenery was beautiful!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Night Night

Tonight we went out to dinner at Red Lobster, to a movie, and then to Nielsen's Frozen Custard with Braydon & Melissa. We had a blast! Trevin stayed over at Braydon's house and played with his kids while the babysitter watched all of them. He just loves those kids! When we pulled up to Braydon's house he said, "Ball!" Braydon has a basketball hoop in his backyard and Trevin remembered! I couldn't believe it!

When we got back to Braydon's house, Trevin was wide awake watching T.V. and their kids were fast asleep on the couch. I was kinda glad because he was in such a hugging mood. He kept hugging Colby and Me. I love it when he's like that!

We got back home and took a picture of all three of us! Its not very often we take a random picture with just our small family. Trevin smiled and everything! I sure missed him!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Water Boy

I should have never let Trevin go outside and play in the pool! Don't get me wrong, he had a blast but now that's all he wants to do is go play in the water! Today I gave up. I had just woke up from working last night and he kept saying, "Water, mom." After hearing that about fifty times I gave in. He still had his PJ's on and so I figured he could just get those wet and later we would change him. At first he just threw rocks into the pool. Then, he got in the pool. Next came the hose...And hopefully my pictures show just how much he loved that hose! He had no problem soaking himself, spraying himself, and he even figured out how to drink the water! I was laughing on the porch watching him. It was so funny to see him get wet and then gasp for air because the water was so cold! You can see he didn't seem to mind it at all! As much as I didn't want him to get wet, it was so fun to watch him have a blast outside! I have realized that sometimes its ok to be carefree and to let him just be a kid. He is growing up so fast!

P.S. I have been slacking on my Project 365 (take a picture everyday of the year) so I have been trying to work on that this week. I have been printing pictures galore to fill in my book. Which picture should I use for today?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breakfast at the Parks

Does your morning breakfast look like this? Do you wear your food all over your face and your bowl on your head? Well, Trevin does! (His teeth look so funny in this picture)

Its always such a hassle to get Trevin to eat anything lately. Of course he will always be willing to eat cheese, mac & cheese, or ravioli (remember this has cheese in the middle). I swear sometimes this kid won't eat anything! This morning I thought to myself, "Let's try some Cocoa Puffs." My reasoning behind this...well Trevin also loves chocolate so I figured maybe he would like this cereal because it had a chocolate taste to it. He ate SOME of it.

Can you say, "BATH TIME!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Perfect Day...

to enjoy the sunlight! Isn't he a little stud or what?

Today was a perfect day to get outside and enjoy a little sun. We filled up Trevin's little pool in the morning and hoped it would heat up a little by this afternoon. While Trevin was playing in his pool, Colby and I tried to get a sun tan. We are white!
We put Trevin's slide inside the pool and he loved playing with the hose. He didn't mind getting wet at all! He would grab the hose and spray it right in his face!

We had to have all the Mickey characters with him in the pool! It was so much fun to be outside together and get a little sunlight! After Trevin woke up from his nap today the first thing he said was "water" while running towards the backdoor. He wanted to go back out and play! Maybe tomorrow....

(sorry for the picture overload)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet my new Niece

I have been looking forward for little Reese to arrive for such a long time! I have been so excited to take her picture! Diana was kind enough to let me do a little practicing on her. I drove to Spanish Fork this morning and lucky for me, she cooperated wonderfully! She slept almost the entire time! Now for my favorite picture... well one of themIsn't she ADORABLE!
Diana let me put her wherever I wanted. I have seen so many different places that people place newborns, but it kinda made me feel bad to place her on such hard surfaces. Lucky for me she didn't mind it!

Diana, there are so many more to come! I hope you enjoy this little sneek peek! I have not had time to do tons of editing so be patient. Thanks again!