Monday, September 14, 2009

In the Backyard with Goofy

So tonight we made one of my favorite things for dinner. Colby likes to call it his "Bengal BBQ Chicken Tacos." Its really just something I found off so I can't really call it ours...
But anyway, Trevin was outside playing while the chicken was on the BBQ. He had Goofy, some rocks, and the good ol' outdoors, so basically he was in heaven. I almost forgot to mention he also has his favorite "stickers" on his shirt as well. They are the labels Colby puts on his boxes when he does his shipping for his business and Trevin thinks they are Awesome!
Oh, and if he isn't the cutest little boy ever...
This is what Trevin does to toys....Pulls off their arms!

I am not exactly sure why he got all excited but this is him yelling "YAY!" while clapping his hands...

Trying to get Goofy to stay on the bush branch...
He also enjoyed moving all the rocks and digging his toes in the dirt. I just could not help but watch him have so much fun!
It has been a while since I took pictures of my own son. I feel like I have been slacking on my personal photos due to being so busy taking other pictures. I have missed posting on my personal blog and having time to reflect on my life.

Trevin is getting so smart. He now talks in sentences, gives me lots of kisses and hugs, makes sure I'm ok by saying "Mom, you ok?" all the time, he loves to go to church and play in the nursery but hates sacrament meeting, and loves to spend time with his grandparents. I still can't imagine my life without the busy kid! I seriously love him to pieces!

Queen Size Bed for Sale

So, many of you know that we will be adding another little one to our family in April. We have decided to sell the bed in our guest bedroom. My husband does not want to sell it but I have convinced him that we just don't have room for it anymore.

It is a Black Queen Size bed with a light to dark brown suede pad in the headboard. There is a footboard but it is covered by the comforter (look for pictures below).

The bedding is a light tan color with a black "swirl/flower" pattern. The pattern in the comforter is soft and raised (see detailed pictures below).

This is the footboard...



So what's included:
The complete bed frame including the headboard, footboard, rails, etc.

The complete matress set including the matress and box springs

The entire bedding: Comforter, sheets, bedskirt, shams with pillows, decorative pillows, regular pillows, sheets, fitted sheet, pillow cases, etc. (Basically everything you see in the pictures).

We are asking around $400.00 or Best Offer. Please keep in mind this bed has not been used very much and is in great condition!

Please leave a comment or call me at 435-660-1155 if you may be interested. Feel free to ask any questions!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I almost forgot....

Trevin is going to be a big BROTHER in APRIL!

We are so excited and can't wait for the new baby to arrive. I have been pretty sick with this pregnancy unlike my perfect pregnancy I had with Trevin. I am starting to feel better and hopefully it won't last much longer.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I did it...

Yesterday was the day I gave in and colored my hair dark! I know some of you are thinking I am crazy (including my poor husband who had no clue I was doing it and was in shock when I came home) but it was time for a change. It's going to take some getting used to and some more glances in the mirror to realize that's me but I just needed to try it, to venture out, and to do something different for a change. I am sure Josie was wondering what I was thinking as well when I walked in and told her what I wanted.

My hair has been pretty much the same color FOREVER (other than two weeks of dark from a mess up hair color). I took some pictures yesterday but Colby has the camera in his car so I will have to post some later.

So, if you see someone walking around with Colby with dark hair, possibly holding his hand, don't get freaked out because it's really me!

Now for some other updates...
1. Colby is back in school and hating every minute of it
2. I am still working full time at the hospital and taking pictures in my free time
3. It's still extremely hot here in St. George
4. I am SOOO ready for winter to come
5. Trevin had his two year check up, got the flu shot, and threw up all night on Friday (while we had company staying at our house) but he has grown a ton!
6. We are still a happy family who travels back and forth from Nephi all the time!

*Kylee, I hope you enjoy the update!*