Monday, October 19, 2009

I wish my son was this happy today...

This morning we woke up to Trevin crying at 5:45 a.m. Colby thought maybe he would go back to sleep, but he didn't. When he went into his room he found that he had thrown up all over his bed and was miserable! Knowing that I am at risk of getting the flu due to being pregnant, Colby sat out on the couch with Trevin for most of the morning. Such an awesome dad!

Colby realized he had a lot to do so he left Trevin on the couch to watch Mickey Mouse by himself. When I walked out of my bedroom, I found the couch covered in throw up! I took Trevin by the hand and walked into the bathroom to give him a bath. He kept saying, "Mom, Tummy Sick." I felt so helpless and wished I could make him feel better. I had waited all weekend to be able to hold my son today and unfortunately I had to comfort him all day instead of enjoying it. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy being with him and having him cuddle with me all day, but it was so sad to see him limp, sick, and feverish.

Tonight I was looking through the pictures on our point and shoot camera and I found these...






Oh how I wished my boy could have been this happy while sitting on the couch with me today! If only a magic word could make him feel better. If only I could have made his tummy feel better and his fever go away like I make his bumps and bruises feel better with a kiss! I am praying for a better day tomorrow!

P.S. Again, don't mind the fat prego belly!

The Brown Hair...

For those of you who don't see me very often and have been wondering what my hair looks like since I decided to go dark
Here ya go...


When I first got it colored I thought it was really, really dark, but now that I look at these pictures I realize it really isn't as dark as I thought! Sorry it took me so long (Kylee) to post these but I totally forgot about a huge card full of pictures on our point and shoot camera.

Here are some more pictures that same day of Trevin and me. I was getting ready to head off to work and decided I wanted a picture with Trevin too!



I sure do love this kid!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's been a while...

A few weeks ago we went to Disneyland again with the Park family. We had so much fun! I of course could not ride a lot of the rides due to being pregnant but I still had so much fun seeing Trevin so happy and being with family! Here are just a few pictures from our trip...


Mac came home from his mission just one week before the trip. Trevin warmed up to him fast and now he is always asking "Where's Mac?"

Colby bought Trevin Woody and it soon became his best friend on the trip (until his dad bought him Buzz as well)...

Seriously not the greatest picture of myself. Please don't mind the pregnant belly. This was at the end of the day...


One of my favorite pictures of Trevin from the trip...








Sorry it's been a while since I posted. I will be better I promise!

Oh, and as a little side note...
I had lots of fun last night at work playing with our Ultrasound machine! I am so anxious to find out what I am having! I was able to see so much! I could see the baby's legs, body, head, HEARTBEAT, and little fingers and toes. I thought I did a pretty good job!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stories I want told...

Today I was looking at one of my favorite blogs (in the fifteen minutes I had away from Trevin) and I found an awesome idea. She wrote down some "Stories that she wants told" through the form of scrapbooking, journaling, or any documentation form.

This got me thinking about some stories and things that I never want to forget. In case my time here on earth may suddenly end (not that I hope it does) I want some things to be remembered. I decided to write down my own "Stories to be told" and this is my list:

1. I want to remember how Trevin's first real word was "Colby"
2. I want to document my testimony and how I gained that testimony myself.
3. I want to take a picture of Black Jelly Beans and describe what life was like when Grandpa Peacock was alive. It was always so fun to go visit him. He is the reason why I still love black jelly beans!
4. I would like to have my dad (Yes dad, I am talking to you) describe, ON PAPER, what it was like taking care of President Ezra Taft Benson and how it felt every morning to read scriptures with him, pray with him, and to see him smile every morning when he woke him up.
5. I want to capture all of Trevin's little faces through photography and explain what each face means to him and I.
6. I want to make a scrapbook page about each one of my grandparents and tell them how much I love them, thank them for all they have done for me, and tell some funny stories I remember as a child growing up.
7. I want to remember all the small details of my home in Springville and how I loved to play in the backyard with my trolls, barbies, and animals on the rock/water wall. Oh how I loved to sit in the tree and read books, play "school" with Hilary, and run into the Gardner's backyard through the broken fence.
8. I want to finish my wedding album and describe what that day felt like.
9. I want to document what I consider the small things and the important things of life. Sometimes the little things just don't matter as much as you think they do.
10. I want to document what a typical day looks like at our house, how much things cost, and what life is like for us.

I was able to scrapbook one page last night after Trevin went to bed and it felt so good! I felt like myself again! I can't wait to do more...