Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Joy of Moving

I have realized that telling stories are always funner with pictures so I decided to post some recent (some more recent than others) from the last two weeks.
This first picture was the week we moved. Trevin has started to eat more whole foods and is getting better at chewing. He had been struggling for a long time and would choke on just about anything!
These two pictures are while I was trying to pack. As you can tell, a one year old can find just about anything to play with. I was talking to Colby on the phone when I heard this loud noise from our room. When I walked into our room I found Trevin staring into the air ducts and the cover was pulled completely off! I couldn't believe that he figured out how to take them off! What a crazy little boy!

When we arrived in Cedar we had a lot of people help us unpack. Well, it became really late after everyone had went back to Nephi and we realized we never put up Trevin's crib! It was about 9:30 and we looked forever for the parts to put his bed together! I knew we had put them in a drawer but I couldn't remember which one! We looked around the house, opened boxes, and called family to see if they knew where we had put them. We finally gave up and around 11:00 I gave up and made him his own little crib. Pretty awesome huh! I used the matress from his bed and put boxes around it so he wouldn't fall off. Colby laughed at me but it was the only thing I could come up with! Don't worry, I found the parts the next day and put his crib together all by myself! I was so proud!
Ok so this last picture is from today! I know it's a little gory but I had to post it! When I got my job in the ICU they told me I had to take off my artificial nails. Three days later I noticed my middle finger was in a lot of pain and was swelling up more and more each day. I thought I had an ingrown (if that's how you spell it) fingernail. Colby decided he was going to play doctor last night and try and dig it out! FIRST MISTAKE! That hurt more than anything....or so I thought! I figured we had fixed the problem last night when lots of "stuff" came out but I woke up this morning with my finger more swollen than ever! I went to my orientation at the hospital anyway. I came home and I went to the doctor hoping he would make things better. SECOND MISTAKE! He gave me a lot of Lidocaine to numb my finger (which made it swell three times as big as it already was) and cut my finger open to release all the "stuff" inside. Then he couldn't get my finger to stop bleeding so he cauterized it! He told me I probably wouldn't need anything for pain, but offered me medication anyway. Being the tough girl I am and thinking it wasn't a big deal, I refused. THIRD MISTAKE! While walking out to my car the Lidocaine wore off and I was dying! I came home and unwrapped the bandage to look at it and show Colby. This is what it looked like! Can you say war zone? I took Ibuprofen, my antibiotic, laid on the couch, cried, and then called my dad! What a day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As many of you know Colby and I moved to Cedar City on Saturday. It was a stressful day but we are so grateful for our families! They helped us out so much! We have been under a lot of stress lately and I think our life will be a little less crazy within the next week once everything has settled down and our schedules are back to normal.
I had two job interviews on Monday at Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George. I applied for the Intensive Care Unit and a Womens/Pediatric Surgery Floor. I didn't think I had a chance of getting the ICU job (especially after four people drilled me with questions in my interview and because I have no experience in an ICU setting) but I figured it was worth a shot. Today I got a call from Human Resources and I was offered both positions! I was so excited and shocked at the same time! I accepted the ICU job and I start on Monday with training! It will be an awesome learning experience for me!
Colby starts school down here at SUU on Tuesday! He has classes on Tuesday and Thursdays. He is excited to start and get school over with! He really enjoyed SUU when we lived down here almost two years ago and hopefully he will continue to have a good experience. I am grateful for his willingness to get his degree and support our family! He is a wonderful husband and father!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Official!

We are officially moving! We closed on our house yesterday! It was sad to sign papers and realize that we no longer own our home but we are excited for what the future has in store for us in Cedar City! We loved Cedar City before when we lived down there and we hope that things will work out for the best for us! I still can't get myself to start packing! I guess I get that procrastination from my father! We will miss Nephi but we will be back soon! (Thanks Tana for taking our picture at Grandmas)


We spent the day on Saturday with Colby's family. We celebrated Tucker's baptism and Colter's baby blessing. After the baptism and blessing we had lunch and the Memmott's rented a water slide. As you can tell by the next few pictures, I think Colby thought Trevin was old enough to have his own little baptism too! Poor Trevin!

Colby convinced Payton that the slide was fun! Riley had to bribe him to go down for a dollar.
Tucker, Kloie, & Walker
I decided to be a good sport and take Trevin down the slide in my normal clothes! It felt really good to cool off!
Riley & Trevin
Austin enjoyed playing with the grass!
These next few pictures are of Colby running up the slide! He finally made it up his third time!

We had so much fun on Saturday! It was fun for me to branch out and get wet in my normal clothes! I think Colby and I felt like little kids again! Trevin didn't like the slide very much! I think it was more because the water was so cold! It was fun to spend the day with the family and be a part of Tucker's Baptism and Colter's baby blessing!

Check out my Dad's Bee Sting!

I had not seen my dad for a few days and the other night my family came over to visit. When I saw my dad's face I knew something was wrong. I burst out laughing and asked him what was wrong! He got stung by a bee playing golf (I think that's where it was) right in the middle of his forehead and his face swelled up really bad! If you click on the picture you will notice the inside of both his eyes are really swollen and he doesn't even look like the same person! Had to laugh!

24th of July Weekend

These pictures are a little late, but better late than never right? We spent the 24th weekend with the Park family. We had a BBQ at Becky & Alan's house, played tons of games, and spent the night at Kent & Diane's house. I would post a picture of my father-in-law asleep on the couch, but I am afraid he might not like it! These are just random pictures from everyone at the party. We love spending time with our families!

We Love Brock!

I finally got a picture of Jordan!
Us Girls goofing off! Alyse, Diana, Chelsea, and Me (Tana was out of town)

Austin & Trevin playing outside in their PJ's

Austin showing us his "Hulk" face