Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Day at the Beach

We went to the beach on Monday and it was again extremely hot outside! I was already sun burned from two days at Disneyland so I didn't really even take off my shirt. My legs and feet got burned this time! As you can tell from the pictures, Trevin and Colby had so much fun together!
After playing in the sand for about an hour, Trevin finally warmed up to the water and loved it! He would stand and wait for the waves to come and then run away from them!


His cute little feet wrapped up in the seaweed



Trevin and his dad loving the water
I have realized that he is a water baby and loves to be anywhere near the water! Now all we need is Hilary to come down and teach him how to swim!

Second Day at Disneyland

These are photos from our second day at Disneyland. I am not sure why they are so grainy looking. Sorry. Anyway, Trevin got to meet Goofy or "Fooky" as he calls him as well as Handy Manny. I was amazed he didn't cry when we met them. He gave them high fives and was so excited (even if he isn't smiling in the pictures).

We went to Playhouse Disney and he saw all his favorite characters including Mickey, Donald, Handy Manny and the tools, as well as Pooh and his friends. He loved it! It was hard keeping him down on the floor. He wanted to go up on stage with them!
Kloie and Trevin and Lightning McQueen
We got to ride the new Toy Story ride. You had to wear these 3-D glasses. Trevin thought they were pretty cool!


Once again it was extremely hot so please don't mind the awesome hair! We still had so much fun!

First Day at Disneyland

Here are some photos of our first day at Disneyland! Trevin loved all the rides and was so mad when we had to get off. The first picture is Kloie and Trevin waiting in line for Trevins first ride...Finding Nemo! It was a long line and he didn't like to wait. After this first ride he got the hang of waiting in line and realized we had to wait for the people in front of us.

Grandpa Kent, Trevin, and Grandma Diane on Buzz
Thank goodness for naptime
Trevin and Colby on Its a small world
Some pictures of the castle

I was so excited to see Dumbo flying behind the castle this year. He is my favorite Disney character! Trevin has become a fan too!

It was extremely hot but we had so much fun! The fireworks were great and the rides were awesome. I had so much fun watching Trevin get so excited when he saw Mickey, Donald, or any characters he recognized.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can you guess?

We got back from Disneyland tonight. What a fun trip it was! Just for a little fun I decided to take some pictures of different places in Disneyland and see if people can guess where these pictures are taken. These pictures are some of my favorite things in Disneyland and also represent some of my favorite rides. Can you guess where these pictures are taken?







I realize they are not that hard to figure out (except for maybe the flower pictures) but I had so much fun taking them! More pictures tomorrow of our trip...

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Angels Game

On Friday night all of us went to an Angels game! At first Trevin was not loving it and I thought to myself, "This is going to be interesting!" After the first inning he just wandered in front of us, ate lots of peanuts, and gave us all lots of kisses! I am not sure what got into him but he loved to grab Grandma and me, pull all three of us together, and give us nice wet kisses!
Grandpa Kent, Kloie, and Grandma Diane
The Stadium
Trevin and Me at the end of the game

Jordan and Trevin
It was a great game and I was so happy Trevin was a good little boy! The Angels won and we got FREE tacos! They had an awesome firework show at the end of the game. It was a nice bonus to a fun night together!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Sunday Drive

I love Sunday afternoons! We always go for a "drive" together. We never know where we are going, where we will end up, or what we will see. This last Sunday I thought it would be fun to take some random pictures of things we see and things that represent us. I love my family! I cherish the time we have together! Enjoy a few pictures of our Sunday drive!

One of my favorite farm trucks...
I had to take a picture of this house. I do not know who lives in this house or what their life is like. All I know is that I drive past this house on my way to work (three times a week). Every time I drive past this house I always see an old man sitting on his couch in front of his main window. I have never seen his face and don't know what he is like. It has amazed me for about four months now that he is always sitting in the same spot when I drive past his house. He has always been there...except for one night. I don't know why but I felt so sad, puzzled, and confused as to why he wasn't there because I do not know this man. I wondered if something had happened to him.
It only happened once. Only one time was this old man missing from his couch. That one time made me so anxious that I almost stopped by his house just to see if he was still there.
Someday I might actually stop, just to say hi, and let him know he is an important part of my drive to work!

(Window is not shown, because as we were driving past Sunday night, this little old man was once again sitting on his couch)
Our favorite place for Ice Cream! If you have never been, you are missing out on the worlds greatest concrete ice cream EVER!
Funny sign...

Our life is good...
The cows Trevin spotted from a mile away...
I do believe that there is someone looking out for me and my family. I am trying to become like him. We pray to him often, ask him for guidance, and thank him daily for all of our many blessings. He is the creator of all things. I love him. Someday I hope to meet him, to see his face, and to look into his eyes and tell him I have done my best.