Thursday, June 19, 2008

Details of my Home

I was reading my scrapbook magazines today (once again) and a woman had scrapbooked some images from her home. I have been redecorating lately and so I thought I would take some pictures of some of my favorite things.
1 & 2. My Entertainment Center: Probably the one thing that most people comment about in my house. My husband made this entertainment center for us when we got engaged to match some end tables and a coffee table I had already bought. I love the antique look of it! And the best part comes apart in four different sections so it's easy to move!
3. Pictures: I am a huge fan of pictures! I have them ALL over! My cousin's wife Amanda did most of the pictures you can see and she did a great job! I got tons of comments last night at BUNCO about how cute they were. I have a link to her website and blog posted.
4. My big Clock: I have a huge clock on the wall near my kitchen. I love the color and the size of this clock!
5. Candles: I also have a lot of candles around my house. They are so easy to decorate things with and to spice up any area of your house.
6. My Bed: I bought the headboard and the footboard just before Colby and I got married. I found this cute bedding but it was way too expensive for me to purchase on my own. My mom and her sisters pitched together and gave it to me at my bridal shower. It's probably one of my favorite things I got!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Exploring Long Beach...

After the Aquarium of the Pacific we walked down Long Beach. We spent about two hours just walking up and down the coast. Colby really wanted to see an "actual lighthouse" and so we walked down the coast to make that wish come true. There were so many different shops, restaurants, and people from different cultures. I was amazed how many people were tourists, or looked like tourists. It seemed like there were only a few people who were actually from Long Beach. Everyone rides the old fashioned bikes and drinks beer. Not exactly the culture or lifestyle I am used to. We had heard that Parkers Lighthouse was a neat place to eat so we walked down to see that but turned away after seeing the price! It was located on a boat harbor along with buildings that were teal blue, bright pink, purple, and lime green. It was awesome to see all the plant life and trees. I can't believe how green and beautiful it is here. My favorite flower (I am not sure what it's called) is the last picture I posted. These flowers crawl up the palm trees and all over the buildings. So beautiful!

Aquarium of the Pacific

We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific today. I tried to take the best pictures I could of the fish, etc. in the tanks but it was hard with the glass. Sorry some of them are not the clearest. I am sure most of you are wondering why I keep posting pictures while I am on vacation....I read an article Ali Edwards (one of my favorite scrapbook editors) and she encouraged people to write down moments, details, and your favorite things from your trip while you are actually on your trip. It was interesting to see all the different exhibits they had at the aquarium! Colby's favorite part was the sharks. As you can see one of them had about four rows of teeth. Although this shark looked like the scariest, he was actually the most calm and less harmful of the many sharks they had in the tank. That was surprising to us! My favorite part was getting to feed the lorikeet birds. I was a little hesitant at first but it was so cool to actually have the birds fly down to you and sit on your shoulder or to feed off the nectar in your hand. Not something you get to do or see on a regular basis! It was fun to see Trevin so interested in the fish and the birds as well. Once again, he was such a good boy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

We went to an Angels game tonight. It was a lot of fun! We bought Trevin an Angels jersey at Target for fun. A lady who worked at Angels Stadium gave Trevin a practice ball because it was his first time to a game. He did good most of the game until the last two innings and he was just so tired. After the game there were fireworks which was an added bonus. It was fun to spend the night together!

One More Post for Today...

I know I have posted a lot of pictures today but Trevin is sleeping and we are just getting ready to go to an Angels/Braves game. We went to the beach today and it was the perfect day! I really thought it was going to be too hot but the wind was blowing so it turned out to be just warm. I know my son's hat looks like a girl's hat, but it was the only thing we could find to keep the sun off his head and neck! Sorry buddy!

As you can tell, he loved eating the sand! We tried our best!

Trevin loved playing in the sand with his dad while I took pictures! He was so mad and started crying when I picked him up to leave! I am sure we will go to the beach at least one more time before we leave! It was so beautiful and we had a really fun time together! We miss everyone but yet, we love the relaxation from work!

A More Serious Note...

On Wednesday when we were on our way to California, I sat in the back with Trevin halfway through the drive. I wanted to watch a movie...I hate driving in a car. Trevin was so good the entire way down! I was shocked! He slept most of the way or he was laughing and enjoying the ride. While I was in the backseat with him, I just looked at him and he smiled. It was dark but I could see the happiness on his face when I turned and looked at him. I got tears in my eyes because I can't believe how big he is getting. He has turned into this fun little boy that I can't believe is almost a year old! I got thinking about Amanda, Elyse, Tyson, and Luke and their little family. I had not heard the results of Elyse's MRI and I really just got thinking about them and how fast life can change. It's hard to think that someday my little boy won't be so little anymore! It's hard to imagine that one day, maybe one day, this little boy will cause me stress! He has been the best child anyone could ever ask for! I enjoyed just playing with my son and being close to him that night. He is truely a gift from our Heavenly Father and I am grateful I have Colby and him in my life! This picture was taken last night after we got out of the pool. He just laid down on my chest and we watched T.V. for a while. I love him so much!

Last Night...

We arrived in California yesterday at about 3:00. We decided to get something to eat and then went to Target to get some things we had forgot. We got Trevin this little inflatable car and took him in the pool when we got home. He loved it! We didn't stay in very long but you can tell by the looks of his feet...we were in there long enough for them to turn into raisins. He has started to do these funny faces and so I had to post them for you to see!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Palisade State Park

Last weekend my family went to the Palisade State Park to go camping and spend time together as a family. We had a good time riding the paddle boats, fishing, the boys went golfing, and the girls went on the paddle boats and stayed at camp. I guess I should say the boys attempted to go fishing...they never actually caught anything. Landon said, "I feel bad for Colby. For two years now, he has not caught a thing when we come out here." Colby spend about three hours on the paddle boat and Landon thought it was incredibly boring! On Saturday Hilary and I went for a ride on the four wheelers since my mother insisted that they be used. On our way out from camp we realized the Rancher had a low tire but I still kept riding. Halfway down the road we decided to leave the Rancher and both of us hop on the Ranger. We drove all the way down to the main road and the gear shift got really loose and I wasn't able to shift into gear. We were in FIRST gear and were not able to get to a higher gear. Yes, we looked like idiots on the side of the road, two girls trying to fix a four wheeler. We had to drive all the way back to camp in FIRST gear.
Another funny story! My dad loves tiger's blood popsicles so my mom bought a big bag of variety popsicles just for the tiger's blood ones. On Friday morning while the boys were golfing she asked Hilary and I if we wanted a popsicle, but explained that the tiger's blood ones were for grandpa only! So we ate the root beer and blue rasberry ones instead. Well, my mom walks out from the trailer with a tiger's blood popsicle and immediately Hilary and I start yelling at her saying we thought they were only for grandpa (my dad). It was funny because not two seconds later she spilled on her shirt and the rest of the day we made fun of her. I bought Trevin a bubble mower thinking it would help him walk and would entertain him for a while but it only lasted a little while and then he thought it was boring. The hammock was my favorite spot to relax. Hilary was laughing at me because I put Trevin in the stroller next to me and went to sleep. Great babysitting!This was an adventure all in one! Colby and I put up our tent together!Hilary read books most of the time ! It was fun to spend time together with my family! We shared a lot of moments together that we will be laughing about for years to come!