Thursday, July 31, 2008

One of my Favorite things....

I am sitting at the computer blog stocking and eating cantaloupe and vanilla ice cream! I am not exactly sure who got me started eating this but I love it! Of course it tastes best in the summer when the fruit is fresh! I went down to get some corn from my mom's corn stand today and Hilary convinced me to buy a cantaloupe. To say the least, it was delicious! Colby is playing softball right now and I stayed home to watch Trevin who is sound asleep in his crib. I needed a little relaxation today! I am getting a little stressed out about moving, getting everything packed, and making sure we get everything taken care of in just two weeks. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. Summer is almost over and I feel like it just began!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Little Boy who LOVES Rocks

This is the story of a little boy who LOVES rocks! He puts them in his mouth, bangs them together, and just holds them. If you take his rocks away (he always has to have one in each hand) then he cries (as you can tell by the pictures below thanks to dad). If he doesn't have a rock in his hand then he is probably searching for one! :)
Today I took Trevin around town and took his picture for fun! I have been looking at some places and I finally took him and did it! Colby came with me to try and entertain him but Trevin had other things on his mind. He wanted to play with the rocks! We still had fun and I think I got some good shots! Let me know which one you like best! Sorry there are so many!

Just for Fun

The bath is always something that Trevin loves! He knows now that when I lay him on the towel that he gets wrapped up so he will grab the towel and wrap himself up instead of me! His new thing is to stand up on his changing table and turn the light switch on and off. He is just getting so big!

For my Uncle Ronzo...

When I bought these shoes for Trevin I thought they were so cute! When I put them on him I immediately thought of my dad's brother Ron. As a little girl and all growing up I remember he had these old slip on blue shoes that he would wear! So I post this picture to show my uncle Ronzo that my son is as cool as him! We love you so much and wish we could have went to Oregon this last weekend with my dad and Landon to visit!

Second (First Year) Birthday Party

We had another birthday party for Trevin over the Stampede weekend since we didn't get to celebrate his birthday with any of Colby's family. Grandma and Grandpa Park gave him a ball and also this car. Of course I got a better picture of my nephew Austin because he actually smiled! Isn't that how it always goes? Austin and Trevin had fun playing in the car. I think they might actually like to play together now!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Time

These pictures were taken a while ago but I thought they would be fun to post! Jolene (a lady I work with) explained to me that I needed more pictures. She is a blog stocker like me! Anyway, my parents gave Trevin this little pool for his birthday and he loves it! We have only been outside swimming three times this year because our life is crazy right now! He is such a water boy! Hilary will come and take him to the pool some days on her break from being a lifeguard! Isn't he a cute little fishy? :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We are Moving.....AGAIN!

Colby has decided to finish his degree down at SUU in Cedar City! We have sold our house as long as the contract/loan goes through with the people who are buying it! It's amazing how everything falls into place. We didn't even put up a for sale sign! It was just kind of word-of-mouth how they found out we were selling our house and so I was really shocked! We went down to Cedar City yesterday to find a place to live. There are so many places within our price range and so it will be a tough decision to make on which one is right for us at this time in our life! There are pros and cons about each place! This will be the FIFTH time we have moved since we have been married! Yes, we are a little crazy but things just happen for a reason! We will keep everyone updated! Wish us Luck!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Birthday Boy!

I think the blogger thing is retarded because it posts the last picture you pick very this post is a little out of order (not a big deal, I know but it bugs me). Anyway, Trevin celebrated his first birthday this weekend while we were in Bear Lake with my family. We played games, went to church, and ate dinner with our whole family on Sunday and then later that night we celebrated Trevin's birthday. It was nothing big but it was fun! He opened his presents and what good parents he has...we gave him the SPANISH version of this toy we bought him. I was so mad when I finally looked at it. Trevin turned it on and all I heard was "uno, dose, tres..." and I looked at the box and it said "Spanish Only." Of course, leave it to me to buy a toy for my son that he can't even understand. The poor guy is just learning the basics of English! He loved the blocks we gave him and Grandma and Grandpa gave him lots of clothes and some books for church! After we opened presents we went outside and I let him dig into a cake that Hilary and I decorated. He didn't get into it as much as I thought. He tried to eat the candle and that was all the fun he needed!

Just Us...

These are just some fun pictures that we took while we were on our vacation. My little cousin Madison and her friend were always so good to play with Trevin. He pulled some cute faces that I was able to capture. The first and last picture were my favorites! I am not sure why but they are!

Bear Lake

Grandma Merry and Trevin
Trevin digging into my Aunts crackers! Sorry about the sand!
Colby and I off for an adventure! It was so much fun!

What a cute little Beach Boy!
I know there are a lot of pictures but we had so much fun! We went to Bear Lake with my mom's side of the family. We used to do this every year when I was little and just have put it off for a few years. We rented some wave runners and had a blast! Colby was by the far the funnest to ride with! Hilary and I both have bruises on our ankles from squeezing so hard just trying to stay on! It was fun to get to talk with my cousins, aunts, and uncles that I have not seen in a long time. Can't wait for next time!

Landon getting off the wave runner after a crazy and wild ride with Colby
Trevin and my cousin Colby
Our first trip into the COLD water! It was nine in the morning and the lake was still a little chilly! My dad had to persuade me to get out there!
Hilary and Me
I have to admit I was a little nervous getting on the wave runner with Landon as the driver but he did a good job!

Trevin had a lot of fun hanging out with Hilary! She was so good to help us take care of him and give us breaks while we played games! We played Settlers about twenty times! My cousins loved it! Colby did dominate!