Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That Night...

After being home for most of the day, we got the boys in their PJ's and Trevin wanted to get Easton ready for bed. He held him for the first time with Colby's help. Oh, the smiles started flowing. Trevin thought he was the coolest person EVER...


Then it was time to read Easton a bedtime story. With Grandma Hitchcock holding the book, we read him a story...


Did I mention I can't believe I am a mother of TWO little boys?

The Day we Came Home

We came home from the Hospital in the morning on Friday. I was so excited to show Easton to his big brother. Trevin was so excited to see him and immediately wanted to touch him, hold him, and share his cookies with him...

Trevin loved his little feet and hands...
I keep telling myself the reason Trevin wanted to be right next to me is because he missed me for two days, but I believe Easton had everything to do with it! Trevin loved to be close to Easton!I was so excited to shower right after this. I apologize for the swollen and sleep deprived look I am portraying...
We have been trying to tell Trevin to please not touch Easton's head, but sometimes he says "I be careful" and we allow him to.
Trevin loves to be around his little brother and has been such a big help. He is always saying, "Mom, he is hungry" whenever Easton mumbles just a little bit while he is sleeping. He is so willing and excited to get diapers, wipes, clothes, etc. when I need something. Trevin even filled up a bottle with water from the automatic water thing on our fridge, put the nipple on himself, and brought me the bottle because he wanted to help so much. It was so cute! I am amazed at how good he has been. Sometimes he gets a little upset when I have to leave the room for a minute but for the most part, he is a good big brother!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easton's Birth Story

After waiting what seemed like forever, I was induced. I waited patiently all night long for that phone call from the Labor and Delivery nurse to say "Pack your bags and come in." She finally called at around 5:45 am and we were headed to the hospital. An IV was placed and Dr. Lunt arrived to check me. I was still dilated around a 5 and he decided to break my water. Pitocin was started. I started to feel the contractions really strong and decided I might not have a lot of time to get an Epidural.

Dr. Plumb (who used to work in Nephi as a family practice doctor) just happened to be the Anesthesiologist on call that day. He came and placed my epidural. It started to kick in, and I realized only my left leg was numb! Ah, the fear came. I was starting to get nervous and told myself everything was going to be ok.

After Dr. Plumb came in a few more times and pulled the cathetar back a little bit from my back, my right leg slowly became numb as well. I was pain free and feeling much better. About two hours later, the nurse checked me and I was complete.

Dr. Lunt came in and after pushing two times I delivered another healthy baby boy. He was bright eyed and was really alert. Colby cut the cord and immediately I was filled with tears. It's amazing!


Trevin got to meet his little brother for the first time about three hours later through the window of the nursery. He was unsure about what to think but appeared to be pretty excited to see daddy holding a little baby.


Let me mention one funny detail...
Colby's dad watched Trevin all day while my mom, Diane, Colby, and I were at the hospital. When he brought Trevin to see the baby, he had dressed Trevin in Easton's 3-6 month sweat shorts and a 3T Tank Top! I didn't get to see the outfit myself, but I can imagine how funny he looked. They decided to take Trevin to K Mart and buy him a better outfit and bring him back. Oh, how I wished I had gotten a picture of that!

All jokes set aside, we really appreciated all the help from my mom and Colby's parents. My family wasn't able to be there but they were updated often on how things were going. We hope to let them meet Easton sometime soon! My mom just left today and we don't know what to do without her. Trevin keeps asking where Grandma is. We really loved having her here.

We couldn't be happier right now and are loving having Easton be a part of our family. He has been a pretty good boy and has been sleeping fairly well. He hardly ever cries and has the sweetest little face. We just love and adore him so much!

More Pictures to come...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome my little Easton

Easton Kent Park was born Thursday, March 25th at 10:56 am. He weighed 7 Pounds 2 Ounces and was 18.5 inches long. He was bright eyed when he was born and brought so much joy to our little family! Trevin just adores him and loves to help in any way he can.

Last night just before putting him down for bed, I hurried and took just a few pictures. I had been meaning to take pictures all day and never got around to it. They are not the best photos but I wanted to post some for you to see.







I will post more photos soon of Easton and Trevin together and some other photos.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Only a Few More Days

I realized today, I only have a few more days of being a mother of one little boy. Trevin asks on a daily basis "When the baby is going to come out" and it's hard because I am unsure of when that day is coming. He is such a sweet little boy and is extremely excited to meet his new little brother. I will be induced on March 25th if he doesn't come before then. Until that day, I guess I better cherish a few more moments with just Trevin since those days are growing short.
His new favorite thing is to sit in Colby's office on his little table and put his animals in the window (Please don't mind the dirty windows). He can sit at the front window and play for hours at a time. I am sure my neighbors wonder what this little boy's mother does all day while he sits and plays in his PJ's and sometimes just his big boy pants.

I think today we will go for a walk, play at the park, and ride his bike. He loves to be outside and today is a beautiful day to enjoy a little time together. Here's to a few more days of being a mother of just ONE. I am not sure how it happens but I am sure I will love my SECOND little boy just the same as I love Trevin.

Monday, March 15, 2010

She's Married

Here are just a few of some I glanced through tonight...






I had to post one of my handsome little boy eating Grandpa's favorite ice cream...
Landon enjoying a "not so perfect spoonful" from Trevin...
A little different edit from the first picture posted...
And one of my favorites...

After much debate, we traveled to Nephi to attend my little sister's wedding at the Manti Temple. We were nervous we were not going to make it due to my pregnancy, but I knew I had to go and risk having a baby on the way. My sister looked gorgeous and I couldn't be more happy for her and Tim!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Handicaped and Ready for it to be Over

Today I took some family pictures. As I was waiting for the cute family to arrive, I realized just how miserable I was sitting in my car. I needed to get out of my car, stand up, and stretch my legs. I looked down at my feet and realized I had to bend over slightly in order to see my swollen feet. Sad. I will be 36 weeks on Thursday and I can't even begin to tell you how good that feels to say that. Based on how my pregnancy was going, I never thought I would make it this far.

As I stood in the parking lot waiting, I looked to my right, and saw this sign on the building...


Although I am not officially Handicap, I sure do feel like it some days. My feet are getting prettier (more swollen) everyday, my belly is getting tighter and tighter, and my insides feel like they could fall out at any minute. Sounds pretty fun right?

Tonight we had Logan, Melissa, and Gage over for dinner. The plans were to play games after we ate. After turning on the T.V. and noticing The Biggest Looser was on, Melissa and I decided sitting on the couch and relaxing felt pretty good! While watching T.V. we were all entertained (especially their son Gage) by watching Trevin squat while running since he won't go #2 on the potty. Of course he held it in all night again. They explained to us how they found Gage on the kitchen table the other day... Oh if they only knew! I wish that was the least of my worries right now. Just kidding guys! We love hanging out with you!

I have so so so much to do and once again, not enough time to do it! Tomorrow holds BIG plans involving catching up on pictures, going to the doctor, and GETTING MY HAIR DONE! Maybe I will chop it off? Or keep it long? I can't decide. I can't wait to just enjoy some time for myself!

P.S. If you have not noticed, there is a contest I am doing on the photo blog. Head on over and check it out! The last day to enter is Wednesday (Tomorrow).