Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seventh Times a Charm

1st move: Into a townhouse in Cedar City
2nd move: Into an apartment in Cedar City
3rd move: Apartment in Nephi
4th move: Into our FIRST home in Nephi
5th move: Back to Cedar city
6th move: Into a rental home in St. George
7th move: Into our NEW home in St. George

You would think we had things figured out by now......we kinda think we do! We love it down here and couldn't be any happier. Colby is getting his schooling done and I am loving work! We know everything happens for a reason and things have worked out so well for Colby and me. We have been so blessed these last three years of marriage and we couldn't ask for anything more!

We moved most of our stuff into our new home today with the help of Diane, Josh, and my dad! They were such a big help and we owe them big time (once again). I thought I would have the luck of getting called off tonight because we only had four or so patients on Saturday night but as luck would have it....the ICU filled up (which is why it is almost midnight and I am posting).

I boxed up all 100 pair of shoes I own (almost that many seriously) including my work shoes so my feet are incredibly sore tonight! I have been trying to sit down and take my shoes off as much as possible. I am exausted and can't belive I still have six more hours of work before I get to go home and rest! Moving all day and working 12 hours don't really go together well! I didn't even get to enjoy the first night in our home together with Colby & Trevin.

The joys of life right!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

So Blessed...

Christmas is over and I can hardly believe it! Living in St. George made Christmas seem unreal. There was hardly any snow and not very many lights.

We spent last week up in Nephi with friends and family. Christmas Eve flew by way too fast and Christmas Day was just the same. Colby, Trevin, and I were extremely blessed with gifts, love, and happiness from friends and family members! What can I say....they are the best! I could post pictures and pictures of gifts and fun times but our Mac seems to not be working and the computer I am using is extremely slow.

Colby got a two tool chests to put in the new garage, peg board (to hang stuff in the garage) from my parents and a gift card, a new razor, clothes, gift cards to home depot, sportsmans warehouse, dutch oven supplies and a volcano from his parents, and so much more! I got a beautifully hand made cabinet for my food storage (made by my wonderful husband) clothes, decorations for my new house, bar stools, and so much more! Trevin was given a bounce house from santa, books, clothes, a slide from my parents, a bean bag, a little table, a shopping cart from G & G Park, and of course so much more! All I can say is Thank you and I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas like we did.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Picture

We took a random family picture today after church! My parents are a little late getting their Christmas cards out! We took this picture on their brand new putting green in the back yard. Trevin would not cooperate for anything. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks Jay for taking our picture! We called him like ten minutes before we wanted to take the picture! Talk about little notice! Being the awesome neighbor he is, he ran down the street to take our picture! We owe you one!

More pictures of this weekend will be posted later in the week!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just words...

I know I have been slacking on the blog posting lately but I have not had very much time! With Christmas coming up, our anniversary, getting ready to move, traveling back and forth from Nephi, and working three days a week you can see I have been extremely busy! Last weekend we went to Nephi and stayed Until Tuesday morning. Colby brought me back to St. George and we left Trevin in Nephi with the grandparents. I had to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (tonight). Colby drove back to Nephi to work on a Cabinet he is building for our new house. I have been home alone without my two favorite boys! I can't wait to see them tomorrow!

Colby took our cord that connects to our computer/camera so I have not been able to download any pictures to show what fun things we have been doing. You can look at Hilary's Blog for pictures. We have been to the Kurt Bestor Christmas Concert, Temple Square, Mike came home from his mission, and Colby and I went out to dinner & a movie for our anniversary! I just want to tell my family thanks so much for helping with Trevin!

We are going back to Nephi this weekend, coming back to St. George for two days, and then going right back up for Christmas Eve through a couple days after Christmas.

AND FOR THE GREATEST NEWS.... We are going to be moving into our NEW HOME next weekend, I hope! We are doing our final inspection tomorrow morning and we will close on Monday! Woot Woot! I am more than excited! We went through it on Tuesday and I just sat in the Tub in our master bathroom! I can't wait to just take a bath and relax!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scrapbook Pages

So this is what my kitchen table looks like at this very moment! As you can see, my husband can't wait to move into our new house so he can actually have a place to sit down and eat dinner. I have been scrapbooking my heart out the last two days! I can't wait to have my own scrapbook room again!
Title: Special Bond
This page is a picture of Trevin and Jayden (Mandee's Boy). They are about three months apart. This picture was taken when Trevin was about a week old. Mandee and I think they are going to be best buds. Right Mandee?

No Title
This picture was taken of Colby and Me in Hawaii a few years ago when we went with my family for the first time. The view was amazing from our condo. I can't wait to go back again!

Title: All Boy
This picture was a photo taken by my cousin's wife Amanda. Like I have said before, she is amazing!

Title: How does it feel? (I ran out of white letters so please excuse the mispelled words right now)
I made this page to document my family. I am going to have them write a little something this weekend about how it feels to be an aunt, uncle, grandpa, and grandma. I think it will be fun to have something like this in Trevin's scrapbook since he is the first grandchild on the Hitchcock side of the family. Be thinking guys!

(again please excuse the mispelled word. I just need an "n" to spell "Grand"
I hope you enjoy looking at the pages. I will post them on my scrap blog later when I have a little more time. Let me know what you think!

Monday, December 8, 2008

What do you do?

So my mom called me yesterday to ask how church went. I told her I about had a nervous breakdown. All through sacrament Trevin pulled tantrums and screamed like we were torturing him! I don't know what it is lately but it drives me insane! His new thing is to say, "Me Me Me" when he wants something and if you don't give it to him then the tantrums start. He has been such a good little boy and so behaved in the past so it makes me mad because he has never been like this. What do you do?

How do you teach a 17 month old "No" and get them to understand what is right from wrong? Any ideas?

Some days I wonder why I even go to church. There are not very many moments where we get to just sit and listen to the speakers, ponder about why we are there, or gain anything from church. I hope the Lord understands we are trying and doing our best because the last few weeks have been insane at church. In about two weeks he can go to Nursery...then maybe we can learn the last two hours of church. I can't wait!

The first picture is Trevin's new contraption to get into the pantry. He pulls out the bottom drawer, stands on the side, and then pulls the pantry door slightly open. He then climbs down, closes the drawer, and is able to pull the pantry door open. After he is in the pantry, everything within reach goes into the garbage.
Tonight while I was taking pictures for my Scrap Blog he climbed on the drawer so he could point to the "baby." Little does he know this little "Baby" is himself. After I took some quick pictures of him being naughty (climbing on the drawers) I put him on the floor and told him "No No." What happened next you ask....He said "Doe Doe" to me while shaking his finger. Ohhh the joys of being a mom.
I know I probably sound like he is the worst son in the world when in fact he's not. I gave him some pudding this morning and he wanted to eat it himself. This is the result! The bathtub was next and a clean pair of clothes.

Mom are you sure you want to take him on Thursday after all my complaining?

Saturday, December 6, 2008


(Read post with pictures from bottom to top)
I don't know if you can see the rash on his chest or not (maybe if you click on the picture to blow it up) but I stopped using Dreft to wash his clothes and he started to break out in a rash where his shirt goes. I have just been using the Tide that we use on our clothes and I think that is the problem. He is still a happy, crazy, and busy little guy!

Yesterday Trevin was such a lazy little boy. All he wanted to do was lay around the house with his blanket and juice. I was doing the dishes and he laid on the kitchen floor and watched me, then he went over and laid down with his feet high in the air resting on the couch, and then later in the day he did the same thing in his room while hugging his Elmo costume.

He loves getting in the "Baff" as he calls it! I love watching him just be content in the tub. I don't have to worry about him climbing on things he shouldn't, making a mess, or crying. I know I probably shouldn't do it as much as I do, but I like to let him just play in the tub while I do dishes or hurry and pick up the house.

I have been trying to de-junk the house before we move. I organized his closet and dresser yesterday and boxed up all of his 06-12 month clothes. I can't believe how many clothes don't fit him anymore. I did so good keeping up with clothes until he hit about 16 months and now I am always struggling to find an outfit that fits him. Guess what he is getting for Christmas this year?

While I organized things in his room, he played with the diaper box. Who knew he would be so entertained by such a stupid thing as a box? He played for about two hours with this box! I think he needs to ask Santa for a slide!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Pictures...

This is the laundry room. It looks really small in this picture, but I couldn't get it all in the picture. Our washer and dryer will go on the right side. There will be a rod under the top shelf so I can hang clothes on.
This picture is the Left side of our house by the garage. The house behind that you can see is our awesome neighbor. He is a police officer and he gets to bring his police car home every night! This will hopefully give us a little security! He is honestly the coolest guy!
This is a picture facing out from our driveway. They are not completely finished planting stuff, but I wanted to show everyone anyway!
This was our house yesterday. They have had the grass in for a while now, but they were finishing the landscaping yesterday (don't mind the man in the picture). I was so excited because we have seven trees! I know you probably can't see them from the pictures but I wanted to let everyone know because I told the guy I wanted as many trees as he could give us in our landscaping budget. There are tons of bushes, flowers, and even a little palm tree looking thing.
This is part of the back yard. The green things sticking up from the wall are a type of ivy so that hopefully someday that wall will be covered. I told him I wanted to cover the wall as much as possible to there are three along the wall.
This is just one of our light fixtures...just for fun! Our kitchen table will be just under this.
This is another picture of our kitchen. Don't ask me why one of the cabinets doesn't have doors! I am not sure if they didn't order enough or if they broke, but it will have doors on it! LOL! The granite should be here today (I hope). They have been delaying that as much as possible so that people don't break in and destroy things. Like I said, I can't wait!
(Let me remind you, the color on the pictures is way off. It makes the walls look an orange color and that's not the real color. They are a light tan color.)
Us three getting ready to go see the house! Trevin loves to take pictures with us! Isn't he so cute...even if his front teeth are really far apart! LOL! I love him so much!

Sorry there is not a lot of change that you can see but the lighting is almost completely in. They still need to hang three small lights just over the bar in the kitchen. I am not sure what they are called but they hang down. The electrical work is basically done, the tile is done, the bathrooms are done, and we just need carpet, our appliances, and the granite and we are pretty much there!
What an awesome Christmas gift huh!