Sunday, November 30, 2008

Scared of Santa

We went to the lighting ceremony in Nephi on Saturday. It was a little cold, but thanks to Diane and Chelsea we had some warm coats to wear! We are not used to the freezing weather now that we live in St. George. The coat Trevin is wearing is one that Colby wore when he was little. It was a little big on him, but it kept him warm and that's all that mattered!
During the parade, we found out that Trevin is scared of Santa Clause! He saw him on the fire truck and just started crying. Then when he turned around to see if he was gone, he saw him and started crying again! Poor kid! It will be interesting to see if he will sit on his lap or not at the Park family Christmas party this year!
The lights at the Old Mill Park
Trevin, Colby, Me, Landon, and Hilary. Let's just say it wa a struggle to get a decent picture!
We had so much fun this weekend spending time with our families. I know I say that a lot, but it is so much fun to come back and visit every couple of weeks! I hate driving three hours back and forth, but it is always worth it! We drove back just after we got back from the lights!

Colby and I have both been not feeling well today and it's probably the lack of sleep from this weekend. We didn't leave Nephi until after nine last night and so we got back home late. I can hear Trevin crying in his room which means he is officially awake from taking almost a four hour nap! I think we all need a little rest and relaxation! Bring on the Niquil and Dayquil for Colby & me!

Game Time

Josh thinking he is sneaky!
So after Tana & I got back from our little shopping spree (two hours remember) we decided to play some games. Josh and Diana arrived and the party began! We played Settlers, Bang, and Scum. The first two games were fun, the last one....lets just say there were some cheaters! I HATE CHEATERS! I am over it now, but I was very upset at the time. You know who you are!

Jordan & Me having fun! He was such a nice brother-in-law to lend me his hoodie! Even if he may be one of those cheaters!

Two of a Kind

This is Tana. Tana is Riley's wife. Tana & I like to spend lots of our husband's money. Tana and I like to scrapbook...
Get the Picture.

Well, the boys were not too excited about doing anything fun at this time on Friday so Tana and I decided we were going to branch out and go to Pebbles in my Pocket and Archivers (along with some other small stores). The boys were in agreement with this as long as we were back in two hours. This gave us about an hour worth of shopping. To some it may sound a little crazy, but to us it was a chance to get out and do something! We had so much fun and we got some good deals! I miss our shopping days and scrappin' days as well! Can we do it again sometime soon?

P.S. Don't mind the lovely picture! We don't look our best but I had to have a picture to document the memory!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Night

Last night we spent a little bit of time outside in our backyard just playing. Colby threw footballs to Trevin and he would run and grab them. Hilary started Trevin on this new little "Doo Doo Do Doo" song in which she runs with him like superman. He loves doing it now and so sometimes when we pick him up he will start to sing that little song and in that case it means "Go." So I ran across the yard with him about four times before I got tired!

Yes I look like I just woke up!
Trevin and his "Game Face."

Trevin and Dad playing ball. Sorry about the picture. The sun was right behind us and this was the best picture I could get.

Later I made dinner. I tried a new casserole dish that I got from Cara. It turned out pretty good! And I even made peanut butter bars after that. Trevin went to bed and Colby and I watched a movie together (of course after we watched the Packers game). Can't go wrong when Mondays are FREE Red Box day! It was fun to just relax as a family.

BUT....we didn't clean up anything after dinner so I have been cleaning everything today! It was fun to just be carefree for a day! I love having Colby home! We get to spend a lot of time together! We always go for a drive as a family and get half off drinks at Sonic! I guess it pays to have a good business so that he can be home almost everyday!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Best of Friends

We had our best friends come down this weekend and stay with us here in St. George. We watched (well mostly the guys) the BYU vs. Utah game, went out to eat, and just caught up on old times. We have missed these guys so much and so it was fun to just be able to spend time with them like we used to in Nephi. Cara & I worked on gifts for Christmas and the guys played the Nintendo Wii. Isn't she so cute? Beautiful! We were trying to look good for our husbands! :)

Trevin & Warren hung out a little bit. Trevin was unsure of the idea of having another "baby" in the house but after a little while they became good friends. Trevin kept trying to mother him a little by playin' on the blanket with him, giving him his little stuffed animal, and keeping the blanket right by his poor face. It was interesting to see how he interacted with him. I wanted to see what life would be like with another little Trevin around (NO DAD, I am not announcing anything).

We can't wait to spend time with these guys again! We had so much fun!

Friday, November 21, 2008

One day closer...

We went and looked at our house today and things are coming along well. Keep in mind there is no lighting in the house right now so these pictures are not the best. Please don't completely judge color by these pictures because I really couldn't get very good lighting. They started our cabinets today and I couldn't be more excited about the color. I chose a midnight colored stain on the notty alder (if that's how you spell it) and I LOVE LOVE the color! It is a little different colored in person, but you get the idea. Sorry you can't really see the full effect because the doors are not on yet but it gives you a little idea of how the kitchen will look. The granite will be here Monday so I will post pictures next week!

The hallway by the pantry door leads to our master bedroom/bathroom and then down the hall is the laundry room and a closet by the garage. Just to give you an idea.
My two favorite people in the world....We have been trying to teach Trevin to say "House."
This is the house from the outside. I am a little bit unsure of the color on the front door. I thought it was going to be a tan color like the garage but apparently we told them to match it to the stucco. We just looked at our papers and I guess I didn't realize at the time exactly what she meant when she was asking us about it. It was towards the end of the day and my mind was a little to full of color choices at that time. What do you think? Should I have them paint it a tan color to match the garage to even things out? Please leave a comment and let me know. I won't be offended what you tell me. I need some help deciding what to do.

I know some of you are probably thinking that our stucco is really dark but that's how we wanted it. All the houses in St. George that have light colored stucco have turned an orange color at the bottom. Every single one we have seen! So that was the reasoning behind the dark stucco. We wanted it to always look new and there are maybe four houses in the neighborhood with this same color and with all the landscaping....they look awesome!

They also started landscaping yesterday and you can kind of get an idea from the picture but they are not very far along with that. Inside the curbing will be grass and then around the windows and sidewalk will be trees and different bushes/plants. We are hoping that everything on the front and back yard will be done by Monday. They completely finished three yards next to us in two days so I am sure it will be done.

I am sorry these pictures are not completely the best but I was so excited tonight to go and see that everything was painted, to see the color of the cabinets, and so just realize that things are moving along like we had planned! Once again, I can't wait for it to be finished!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Introducing the Wii Fit...

We were at Costco the other day with Graycee & Rex. Colby stumbled upon the Wii Fit game and basically told me we were buying it. At first I was a little hesitant....trying to save money and all but I told him that was fine. Who wouldn't want to buy it?

Cara told me she has been getting up in the mornings to do Yoga on T.V. and she looks amazing for just having a kid five months ago! She looks even skinnier than before. When I found out the Wii Fit had Yoga I decided for sure we needed it!

I set a few goals for myself yesterday and getting in shape was one of them! Colby helped me set it up this morning. I was a little upset because it measured my weight a little bit under what I know I am and it also calculated my actual age at 35 due to flexibility and strength! WOW! (Don't worry Colby laughed at me but his age calculated to 40!) I guess a plus is it showed I was normal weight and my BMI was healthy! I worked out for only 25 minutes and I am sore as can be! I don't know when the last time I did a push up but those killed me! If any of you need a good workout...get the Wii Fit! I was impressed! Now the actual test is how much weight will I knock off? Wish me Luck!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Matters Most...

Last weekend Graycee & Rex came down to visit us. They were originally coming down for the Juab football game but the game got changed. Bummer! We had the best time just hanging out with these guys and chatting like old times. Graycee married my husband's best friend and it just so happens that Graycee & I get a long so well. She has honestly became one of my very best friends. It means everything to Colby & I to have good friends. Rex & Graycee and Jay & Cara are some of our best friends. It has been fun to have all of us hangout together and get to know each other better. We truely are so grateful to have them in our life! They bring happiness and fun into our life. Money will never buy happiness. Its friends & family that matter most!

Graycee and I spent the day going grocery shopping at Smith's & Lins. I know it doesn't sound very fun but it gave us a chance to visit. The guys were watching Trevin & listening to the game on the radio while we went and spent a lot of money. Well actually, only I did! But I am proud to say that I am working on getting my food storage stocked back up. After looking through all the adds, gathering coupons, and figuring out which places had the best deals....I saved $72.32 just at Smiths! I was hoping to save around $30.00 and so when the cashier told me how much I saved I felt like I had just won the lottery! I know it sounds lame to some of you, but with everything the economy is doing right now, I am trying to be better and listen to the prophet. It's hard to pay for all this food storage and then to find a place to put it all (unless you have a huge house to put it in).

I am so excited because we went and measured a wall in our house and Colby is going to build me a cabinet to place around my Shelf Reliance shelf my mom and dad got me last year for Christmas. I am so excited because right now that shelf is full of my food in the basement at my parent's house! I can't wait to get all my food storage back down to St. George and also have a cute cabinet to hide what's actually in there!

It's hard to wonder what the world is coming to and just how prepared we need to be. We have been told time after time to get our food storage in order but it took a while for that really to sink in for me and for a lot of people. I have struggled to find places to put my food storage with this new house we are building because there isn't a basement. Does anyone have any good ideas of creative places to store your food storage? Let me know!

*I will post a picture of my new cabinet when it gets completed. This is what I asked for from Colby for Christmas.*

By the way, Shelf Reliance is having a sale right now in case any of you are interested in buying any.
I have The Harvest 72" and also The Harvest 39" #10. I love them!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My thoughts

I was Tagged by Linzy and so was everyone else...
I am
a daughter of god
I know I am loved
I want my house to be completed
I have a lot to be grateful for
I wish for continued happiness
I miss my family
I fear I won't be prepared as the prophet has asked us to be
I feel like I have the best husband in the world...always
I hear the sound of my husband using his calculator
I smell nothing in particular
I crave Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
I search for ways to better my life
I wonder what the future holds
I regret buying a lot of scrapbook stuff this week
I love my family dearly
I care about choosing the right
I always kiss Trevin & Colby every night before bed (or before work)
I am not perfect
I believe I can overcome anything I am faced with in this life
I dance with my little boy to make him laugh
I sing only when I am alone
I don’t know everything I need to know
I fight whenever I need to stand up for myself or the gospel
I write in my journal three times a week (at least I try to)
I lose my cell phone and keys a lot
I win when making bets with my husband
I never get ready unless I have to
I listen to the words of the prophet (copied from Linzy)
I can strive to be a better person daily
I am scared of the economy and what my future holds
I need a sense of security
I am happy when in the presence of loved ones

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Day in our life

1. I always have to have the blinds open (except for during the night when everyone can see into your house). I love a house that has a lot of lighting. I try to open the blinds first thing in the morning when I wake up to help brighten my day.
Let me explain...
This post may be a little different but it's part of a project I have been working on...a very different but fun project I will add. It's called "A day in our life" and it is something that I have been wanting to do for a while now. Have you ever noticed that we are always taking pictures of "events" or "people" and never really focusing on other things in life that happen everyday? I have been taking random pictures of things that I do almost everyday. I have been putting together an album of pictures and notes of things that I do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. As you can understand, the days vary from week to week. It has been fun to figure out who I am and also things that make me and our family who we are.
2. Colby runs an online business, as I am sure many of you know. He ships things to customers on a daily basis. The post office is one of his best friends. Without the post office, his business wouldn't be possible and our income would decrease. We have so many different sizes of boxes, shipping labels, and about three different printers in his office. With the economy the way it is we are so grateful we both are still bringing in money just like we always have.
3. Our day would never be complete without Trevin getting food all over his face. Nothing is better than Mac & Cheese by your eye, all over your nose, and stuck to your neck! He loves Mac & Cheese!

4. Although this is a terrible picture, my day would never be complete without spending time with my son. This is a funny story as you can tell...I am chillin' with Trevin in his crib. It was one of those days where we didn't get ready for the day and we had so much fun together. Colby thought it was insane that I was hanging out with Trevin in his bed. Oh so fun....after a long night at work!
5. Toys, toys, toys! I pick up so many toys all over our house...about four times a day. I put them away and have a clean house for about fifteen minutes and then Trevin gets everything back out again! He brings toys and puts them into my kitchen drawers, on the couch, under the kitchen table, into the bathroom, and anywhere you can imagine!
6. Colby has been studying so hard these last two weeks! He has been a little stressed out but he is doing well in school. It's not uncommon for him to hook up our extra computer on the kitchen table and study while I sleep during the day after working. He watches Trevin on Wednesdays while I sleep so studying in the kitchen allows him to be around Trevin and make sure he isn't getting into too much trouble. He is such a good father!
7. Monday is my main Laundry day. I HATE doing laundry! I try to get it all out of the way at the first of the week so I don't have to worry about it anymore. I can't believe how much laundry my little guy goes through. It is something that consumes a lot of wasted time....or at least that's how I look at it. I always think of so many other things I would rather be doing when I do laundry.
8. My son is a maniac! He loves to pull open the drawers on our coffee table and just sit and watch T.V. He also loves to climb all over the couches as I have mentioned before. My life would not be complete without him!

I'll jump on the Band wagon....

I posted a long time ago saying that we were going to lock up our blog and I just never did it. I wanted to post again and let everyone know that I am actually going to do it this time. Leave me a comment with your e-mail address if you are interested in still being able to see what goes on in our little life. I am sure everyone understands the reasoning behind this...Thanks for understanding!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Check out our family pictures...

My cousin's wife Amanda is an amazing photographer! She took our family pictures last Saturday while we were in Nephi. My little guy was being a pain most of the time and so eventually I got a little stressed out. I was nervous the pictures were not going to turn out since he was wanting to run around the whole time. I think his teeth were bothering him. Anyway, I won 25 free Christmas Cards off her Photography blog and I can tell I am going to have a hard time choosing. These are only a few of the ones she took! So Excited! You can check out her blog anytime....if you scroll down my blog I have a list of my favorite photography websites and her's is definately one of my favorite! Check it out here: Let me know on her site which one you like the best! Also, check out her Christmas cards by scrolling down on her blog. She has awesome cards for a slammin' deal!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friday Night Game

On Friday afternoon we went and watched Jordan play football. I was so glad I had my camera with me. I haven't got to take very many pictures of Trevin and G&G Park. It was so fun to see him play with them at the game. He was cheering Jordan on while holding a Dr. Pepper just like his dad. It was so cute! He loved to clap when he heard the music from the band and the rest of the crowd cheering. I love this little guy!
(Don't worry, he did not drink any pop but he loved holding the bottle)

Monday, November 3, 2008


Payton and his pirate face....
Austin looking cute as ever...
The newly engaged couple! Chelsea already announced it on facebook so I figured it would be ok to announce it here! Her fiance is Tim and we couldn't be happier for her!
Carson gets sick of me taking pictures but I forced him into it! Alyse remind me to get you the pics!
So I don't have any good pictures of us on Halloween because they are all on another camera...not mine so I figured I could post the other pictures that I took. We spent the afternoon at the football game (pictures will be posted later) and then we spent the rest of the day with family. My mom made us enchiladas! I have not had her enchiladas in a long time so that was a sweet surprise. We took Trevin around to all the grandparents house, but he didn't seem to like his costume on very long. It was a pretty hot costume so we had to keep taking it off and putting it back on. It was a pretty basic Halloween for extreme dressing up or fancy parties. I had some cool ideas for parties and wanted to have one but just didn't have any friends down here to party with. Maybe next year!